Our hockey shirts are made from 100% polyester material.

We offer:

  • 4 Panel Training Jersey
  • 4 Panel Jersey
  • 4 Panel Pro Jersey
  • 5 Panel Straight Jersey
  • 5 Panel Pro Straight Jersey
  • 5 Panel Round Jersey
  • 5 Panel Pro Round Jersey
  • NHL Pro Style Jersey

The pro jerseys have extra stitching in the design. We advise having a pro design for game shirts.

We offer a range of collars to go with our jerseys.

  • V Neck Collar
  • V Neck Collar Pro
  • Round Neck Collar Pro
  • Round Neck Collar Pro with Laces

Other options available for your custom jersey design can be:

  • Stitched Patched Numbers
  • Stitched Name Bar with An Option of Stitched Name
  • Embroidered Patch Logos
  • Fight Straps

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